The full package

The full package

Published by Jessica Aspinall on 20th Oct 2020

Everyone here at Hickling 229 is incredibly excited that from today we took another step further towards zero-waste packaging with the launch of our new tubular design boxes. 

Roll Out The Banner

We've rolled our our new packaging across almost our product lines, so from now on whether you're buying a Liquid Hand Soap or Lotion, a Bamboo + Glass Water Tumbler, or one of our Tea Infuser Bottles it'll arrive to your door carefully protected in its kraft paper tube.

Reduce Reuse Recycle

If you fancy holding onto yours, they make an excellent desk tidy or can even be used for storing snacks. But even if you do decide to part ways with the packet, it's one of the easiest products on the market to recycle. 

We've almost entirely eliminated the plastic from the packaging and easy-to-peel-off stickers so there's no risk that they can't be processed when they are collected for recycling.

The Gift of Sustainability

What's more, we think our new packaging makes our bottles and soaps even more ideal for gifting. Send someone you love the perfect reusable, in zero-waste packaging, and you can even add a personalised note printed on the inside of the box.

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