Living well at home

Living well at home

Published by Kyle Beresford on 11th Nov 2020

Whether you're working from home, or just having to spend more time indoors, we all need to take some time to make our houses more habitable. And often it's the small touches that make all the difference.

Morning Glory

As winter draws in, it's essential to start the day right, and to make the most of the morning light. Earlier this year we set out to find the very best green tea, and we think we've found it. Our [Hickling 229 Blend] Green Tea has been sourced by our team (Ethical Tea Partnership accredited) and we have taste-tested it extensively. So far it is even especially popular with people who say that they don't usually like green tea!

This is because the Sencha is carefully blended with a tiny amount of rose and safflower petals, not so much that you can taste them, but just enough to give this green tea a mirabelle-taste quality that we had never come across before.

Our zero-waste approach means that all our teas are loose leaf (we all know about the plastic-in-tea-bags scandal from last year) and we have found accessories that making infusing your tea in the morning totally mess-free. If you already have a favourite cup, then out Tea Infuser Tube, is designed to be as easy as a bag, but without the long-lasting damage to the environment.

But if you're looking for a tea infuser to take to your desk, or in the car on the way to work, then our Tea Infuser Bottle gives you a little bit more with even less effort. Just fill up the infuser with Hickling 229 tea, add hot water (make sure to check how hot it should be - all our teas work best at different temperatures, which we've put on the front of our recyclable pouches) and screw on the lid. The brewing chamber will gently infuse your tea to the exact level desired by the time it's cooled down enough to drink.

Floral Scents to Match

But what you drink throughout the day is only part of it. Have you noticed that most co-working spaces and offices now take the time to make sure there's the right aroma, or the right plants for optimum concentration or relaxation?

Our handmade, pharmacy candles, offer the perfect way to fill your home office, bedroom or living space with natural scents, and if you're trying our green tea, we recommend the [Neroli] 180ml pharmacy candle to match. 

The combination of sencha, rose and safflower, with the citrus of the neroli flower is one of our favourite combinations.

So if you're spending more time in your living space - take the time to check out some of the pieces we've introduced this Autumn.

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